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I am not so hot with grammar and sentence structure and am definitely not the most comfortable with  attention being on me, so what keeps drawing me back to blogging and vlogging. I mean this is the 3rd blog along with what will be the 5th YouTube channel I have tried. I have decided for me it is the ability to have a creative outlet, it can truly be a form of journaling. I have never been in the habit of keeping a regular journal of daily or weekly events. I don’t write anything down that happens, no struggles are shared, no exciting events are written about.  And really that is a shame.  I have nothing to reference back to when life gets hard or when I want to reminisce about past experiences.

I think the draw for me to blogging and vlogging usually ends up getting suffocated by my never ending need to be perfect. We each have strengths that can also be a weakness and that is one of mine…lol.  I allow myself to get so frustrated that the blog entry or video is not perfect and get embarrassed about the mistakes. I don’t allow myself to shine through and let people really see me. So of course at some point my evil perfectionist tells me to just give up….and sadly I end up listening.

So here I am the good, bad and ugly…lol. Its all going to be less geared to a specific subject like my last attempts and more about just……me…..what I am going through, struggles, thoughts, experiences, etc.  I am leaving the entries and videos open to truly be a journal.  My hope is that along the way I will learn, grow and challenge myself as well as  touch the lives of those who take this journey with me.


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