Emotional Crutches

I have learned that we all have emotional crutches.  When life gets hard and overwhelming some people exercise, shop, cut themselves along with thousands of other outlets.  Some are more positive then others but any outlet can be taken to a damaging place. My drug of choice for 37 years has been eating. When life gets stressful..eat, when you get hurt…eat, when life is great…eat, you get the point.
I started 2016 like most people wanting to set goals and resolutions.  But like most of us do those initial thought are short lived.  When March 1st hit and I still had made only half attempts at my 2016 goals it made me stop and think.  I set the goal every year, multiple times a year to slim down and be a healthier me.  I end up sabotaging myself every time which results in me quitting and I end up packing the weight back on.
So how do I approach this in a way that I never had? A few months ago I was talking to Trina Hattenstein my most awkwardly amazing best friend.  She lives in Texas so we were having one of our phone dates 🙂 and she mentioned that Dr. Phil  wrote a book that talked about never being able to stick to a diet plan or maintain weight-loss if you don’t deal with the emotional issues that trigger your bad eating.  Of course like everything else in my life the idea has to simmer for a bit before I really address it.  I realized that was one of the real keys to my failure to maintain my past weight-loss, never really dealing with and pinpointing emotional eating triggers.  So I have really taken the time in the past few months to dig into my memories and find that source.  I started with the most recent hurt, allowed myself to feel it and then asked myself “Was I eating emotionally before this life event?”. If the answer was yes I pushed that memory aside and allowed myself to naturally bring up the next memory.  From there it was really a repeat until I could answer “no” to the question along with giving myself permission to feel the emotion in each situation.  I am one of those people that have to remind myself it is ok to feel sad, mad, hurt, etc. that is necessary to work through and deal with the event and emotion.
Am I still working on recognizing the triggers when they are happening, absolutely. But to be able and stop myself by saying this is triggering the original emotion or though. It has made a huge difference in my getting fit experience and how long I allow the thoughts to control my mind.
I know that I am not doing this on my own, if it was totally in my power then this would have been resolved long ago. God is the only one who can give me the strength and keep me on track with all of this.  He uses amazing friends, family and reminders to help me along the way.  I continue to tell myself this is the last time I am doing this and there is no other choice but to succeed.


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