Kid Days-What can you do with a dime?

I grew up in a small town in Idaho with a set of railroad tracks running down the center of town separating one side from the other. As kids the majority of my friends lived on the same side of the tracks as I did. Other than attending school the only reason I asked permission to cross those tracks was to make my way to Kings Department Store or the Library. Both businesses are still in that small town but they are no longer in the same locations as they use to be. Back then they were on the main street, set in a strip of really old buildings that by first glance looked as if they where way past their prime and a breath away from falling apart.

My brother and I would head to the store every time we were able to get our hands on a little bit of change.  King’s was in a building that was so old I swear the floors felt like they would fall to pieces with each step you made.  We of course would first  venture to the basement seeing as that is were all the toys were displayed.  There were only 3 or 4 isles but we took our time walking up and down each one knowing we did not have the money for any of it unless we really saved up.  But it did not stop us from testing the toys and and making a mental note of which ones we were going to add to our Christmas list.

The upstairs is where the majority of our fortunes where spent. I saw it as the most amazing isle in the entire world filled with every kind of candy I could think of.  Back then you could still by candy for a penny and the whole bottom shelf was filled with penny and nickel candies.  For me it was a rarity that I would buy anything on any of the shelves other then the first one seeing as you had to save for those delicious goodies.  And when it came to sugar I had no patience. I was more of a quantity over quality kind of girl. I mean more is better right.  So I would spend my time buying a few pieces at a time working my small hand of change into a small hand of candy.

Of course very little candy made it home.  I always had a very tasty and sweet walk back across the railroad tracks and through my side of town and on to the next adventure in my day,

I spend a lot of time lately thinking back on my favorite things as a child.  It is so fun to start to recall details that I have not thought about in years.


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