Love Blocker

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  Rumi

I was having a lazy evening the other night and scrolled through some Netflix’s documentaries. I ran into one called Autism in Love. It was about how people with Autism see love.  There was a couple, both parties had autism to one degree or another.  They took time talking about the pros and cons to marriage, each with their own idea of what was important in a relationship.  At the end of the documentary after the big proposal happened the woman said the quote I have above. It hit me so hard that I actually paused the movie and looked for the quote online.  I really had to stop and think about it and how it related to me and my life.  I thought how many single people out there are just merely seeking love but are failing time and again to find or maintain it do to the barriers and wall we build. I realize with age we build those barriers because of hurtful experiences, simple fear of being hurt or not loved for who we truly are.  I had to ask myself have my barriers stopped me from being open to true love, have they created an impossible list of must haves.

I have spent many years on different online dating sites and have experienced many people that are closing themselves off to real relationships by focusing on the superficial or bizarre list of requirements.  People are wanting an arms length approach to dating and love. Wanting to get to know each other but at that “safe” distance or at least what you feel is safe. Which truly is the barriers that you have built. How can you be open to real love if you are not even open to going on an actual date, exchanging numbers and speaking on the phone rather then endless hours of texting. Why is the arms length approach easier, because you don’t have to totally invest so when the axe falls you can dip out, block a number and then business as usual.

I don’t want the the reason I end up alone because I have build such high barriers that mister right can’t even see me. So I have to remind myself that I am not to seek love that I need to find the barriers within myself that I have built against it. 😉


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