What Christmas Means to Me

How exciting is Christmas? As a kid we would be up before the sun and try to patiently wait for my father to get out of bed. I am sure he would lay awake in bed and smile knowing we were on pins and needles to get our hands on all of our new treasures.  I am the fourth in line of my five siblings and every year my two older sisters use the “we needed to make sure everything is okay in the living room” in order to sneak a peek at what Santa had left them. My brother and I would sit and wait in our bedroom for them to return. Upon their return they would always reassure us that the living room was completely okay and Santa had definitely been to our house. After what seemed like days and when it seemed  if we waited any longer we would explode my dad would get out of bed and make his way to the bathroom. He would then force us to suffer even longer while taking his sweet time in the bathroom washing up before opening the gate and releasing us to ripping through wrapping paper. 

Like everyone I am sure we can all think back to our favorite gifts as a child. Those handful of things which always come to your mind first when thinking of Christmas growing up.  For me there are two. There is nothing in the world I loved more than my tea set. Endless hours of  hosting tea parties and serving tea. It did not matter if I was the only guest who had RSVP’d. Calling it tea would actually be a bit of a stretch. Growing up in a strict Mormon family, tea was not anything I had ever seen or experienced so my tea equivalent was sugar water…lots of sugar water.

The other gift that comes to mind was a McDonald’s for my Barbies. Who would not want to flip burgers and salt fries to serve to all your plastic friends. Like most little girls my world was Barbies so this gift fit easily into my routine. 

As a child it is so hard to remember there is far more to Christmas than gifts. It so easy whether you’re a child or an adult to get wrapped up in or overly excited about the material things about the season.  A few years ago I went through a really hard experience and during it I had little to nothing. So Christmas did not really have gifts or family at that time because of my long distance location. It really help teach me that the all the gifts as wonderful as they are, don’t mean much. Being close to family and sharing the holidays with them is what it is really all about. Creating the memories and moments which still make you smile years later.

So I hope every one is able to spend quality time with their family. For those who are traveling through the weather and holiday traffic, please be safe..


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